If you’re thinking about buying a holiday home in the Lake District, take a look at all of the fabulous attractions that this idyllic slice of English countryside has to offer.

First of all, it’s worth focusing on the Lakes themselves. From the tiny tarns to the vast Windermere, these bodies of water are always lovely to look at in one way or another. Taking a stroll up a small hill to take a look at the local tarns is a great pursuit, and not all of them are as crowded as the bigger, more famous Lakes, so you could have the tranquility of the water to yourself. Perfect for enjoying a picnic on a day trip out.

The bigger Lakes have their own wonders to offer as well. Take a steam cruise around Windermere or Ullswater to appreciate the lakeside views in leisurely style, particularly pleasant in spring when the daffodils and bluebells are in full bloom. Visit Coniston to learn about the successive water speed record attempts of the various ‘Bluebirds’ and, if you’re a boater yourself, you can take a boat out to enjoy the lake under your own command.

Stunning Lake District Landscape

The rest of the landscape in the District is just as gorgeous as the lakes. Rolling hills and fells provide views over woodland, pasture and of course the lakes themselves. Take the chance to gaze across beautiful lakeland scenery, perhaps catching the sunset in the evening, and enjoy the beauty of the Lakes from a distance, with no crowds to bother you. With a holiday home so close by you can take advantage of the good weather to find these moments of beauty.

Lake District Attractions

For the more activity-minded there are plenty of attractions to visit all over the Lake District. History abounds in ancient castles and the memory of the Lake Poets, whose literary role can be studied in such attractions as Dove Cottage and the neighbouring Wordsworth museum. For a more child-oriented lesson, try the Beatrix Potter museum. That’s not to mention the wide range of other art based attractions.

Lake District Food & Drink

And of course, who can forget the food and drink. If you’re going for a day out then there are so many local pubs, traditional cafés and fancy restaurants that you’ll be spoiled for choice, whether you’re stopping for a quick bite to eat at lunch or aiming for a more serious dinner reservation you can come back time and again and go a while without having to eat at the same great place twice.

All this and much more could be just a hop, skip and a jump away from your Hawthorns holiday home at the edge of the Lake District.