November In Pictures November In Pictures

November In Pictures

Stunning Skies

As winter draws in we’re visited by long winter nights, with clear skies and beautiful sights. Particularly stunning nearby was this view of the Ribblehead Viaduct, a short drive from Hawthorns and, as you can see, well worth the drive.

Night Sky over Ribble Viaduct
This stunning marriage of man-made beauty and the night sky is one of the reasons to love the cold nights of November.

The Ribble Valley as a whole is a wonderful place to take a long walk through the evening and into the night, but the Ribblehead Viaduct lends a certain atmosphere to this photo that we love. A spectacular piece of Victorian engineering, the fruit of the labour of over a thousand workmen combined with the vision of architect John Sydney Grossley.

The Beauty of the Lakes

There’s never a time of year where the lakes nearby aren’t delightful to look at, but as the snow falls for winter and the air becomes crisper, the way the light falls on them is absolutely magical. Take a short trip from Hawthorns to the Lake District for a truly breathtaking experience.

The Lake in November

What we really love about this shot is that you can feel the crisp snap of the cold air around you, see your breath steaming in the air, and even hear the sporadic birdsong as you look. It’s a moment of time from the Lake District captured and perfectly preserved for everyone to see.

The only thing better would be to be out on the waves, but this stunning view still sticks in our mind as a perfect emblem of November this year.

A Study In Contrasts

November’s weather was whimsical, giving us the rainiest of days and glorious sunshine within days of one another, and this matched pair of photographs stands out What a difference a day can make; but the fact is, looking at them now, we can’t decide which of these we like better.

Our office in the sun Our office in the rain

There’s something about this part of the world which finds a different beauty in every weather, with even the most torrential downpour bringing out the traditional architecture and the sturdy building philosophy that has stood the North West in such good stead over the years, while when it clears, what draws the eye is the natural beauty with which these constructions are surrounded

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