June In Pictures June In Pictures

June In Pictures

We’ve selected a handful of our favourite pictures taken at Hawthorns Caravan Park in June. It’s been a busy month, with lots of park improvements taking place and lot’s of flowers coming into bloom. June is one of our favourite times of year at our Lancashire holiday home park. Our landscaped areas are awash with colour and plenty of wildlife can be spotted around our scenic grounds.

Here’s just some our favourite snaps. Which one is your favourite?

Bird Boxes

This year we had plenty of new bird boxes to put up, and our gardener David did a fabulous job of it. Now there are plenty of new safe places for the beautiful birds of Hawthorns Caravan Park, with 30 bird boxes in total. We can’t wait to see what species pay us a visit!

bird boxes being installed at hawthorns caravan park

Wildflowers for Bees

Birds weren’t the only wildlife in Hawthorns Park to get a nice bonus. We’re doing our bit for the bees by making sure there are plenty of wildflowers around the park which not only pretty up the place, but also provide lots of delicious nectar for our buzzy friends.

wildflower areas at hawthorns park

wildflower planting at hawthorns park

bee friendly wildflowers being planted

This is all part of the British Beekeepers Association and David Bellamy conservation award scheme ‘Honey Bee Pledge’, supporting honey bees in Britain. You can do your part too by ‘Gardening for Bees’. Learn how on the British Beekeepers Association website.

Changing of the Guard

The end of spring is signalled by the sad looking bluebells, but there are plenty of new flowers in bloom around the park to herald the coming of summer. Here are a few pictures of the ‘changing of the guard’.

pink Rhododendrons in the grounds at hawthorns park

carefully manicured lawn at hawthorns park in lancashire

Buddleia plants at hawthorns park in lancashire



Bluebells flowering at hawthrons caravan park

We look forward to showcasing July’s Lancashire caravan park photos with you soon. Let us know if you’ve taken any photos that you would like us to share on our social media or website!

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