June in Pictures June in Pictures

June in Pictures

As Midsummer beckoned us during June we celebrated more people joining us, enjoyed the views in the garden, and were delighted to welcome the ducks for the first time this year.

June is always a wonderful time at the Park, and we’ve been hard at work making sure that as many guests as possible can see for themselves.

Without further ado, then, let’s take a look at the highlights of our month, beginning with the installation of our newest available plot.

A New Plot

new plot hawthorns caravan park

hawthorns caravan park

One of our latest caravans and the stunning view it enjoys. The gardens are truly beautiful this summer, as is the community surrounding them.

If you’re one of our guests checking in on the latest pictures and news, you already know what it’s like to wake up in the morning, put on the kettle for tea or start the coffee machine going, and open up the curtains or step out and see this view.

Still, if you haven’t had that pleasure, why not take a few moments now with this picture and see if you can imagine it?

It’s the beauty of this place that keeps us captivated.

New Arrivals

ducks at new plot hawthorns caravan park

ducks at new plot hawthorns caravan park
ducks at hawthorns caravan park

There are so many ‘firsts’ in the wildlife around the park every year. Already we’ve watched four families of birds taking up residence in our new birdboxes, kept an eye out for local falcons, and enjoyed the sight of the adult ducks, a constant presence around the pond.

We saw our first ducklings of 2016 this June, with everyone flocking to the pond to relish the sight.

We can’t wait to watch the ducklings grow over the year, and we’re already seeing our guests stop by the pond regularly to feed them.

Summer in our Gardens

gazebo at hawthorns caravan park
pond flower at hawthorns caravan park
pond lilies at hawthorns caravan park
summer gardens at hawthorns caravan park

A beautiful sunny June has led to some wonderful times out and about in the park exploring our gardens.

Every year the park even manages to surprise us – a new view, or a favourite spot seen at a different time of year, with different weather, or enlivened by the local wildlife means that our beautiful park always seems to be changing and going from strength to strength.

It’s always enjoyable to go back through the month’s photographs and put one of these entries together. Why not visit our Gallery for more?

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