April in Pictures April in Pictures

April in Pictures

With spring firmly marching forward, the flowers are out in force and our winter additions are beginning to come into their own.
We always think that the park looks beautiful, but this April was particularly stunning.

Dazzling Sunset

Sunset at Hawthorns Park

The park at sunset often seems truly magical. Lake District sunsets have fascinated and challenged painters to truly capture their beauty for decades, even centuries – and even this stunning photo isn’t as good as seeing it for yourself.

Hawthorns in Bloom

Flowers at Hawthorns Park
Daffodils at Hawthorns Park

Wonderful flowers are already in full bloom in the park – and elsewhere, as these bluebells in Rannerdale can clearly attest:

Bluebells at Rannerdale Knotts, Lake District

Rannerdale is always a wonderful walk, but many people claim this is the time of year that it’s at its best.
We’re prepared moving forward, too, as our butterfly garden will soon see buddleias come into leaf and flower, giving us another view of stunning natural beauty in the park.

Butterfly haven at Hawthorns Park
Reading nook in the butterfly garden at Hawthorns Park

For now, however, what you’ll find there are butterflies, peace, and tranquillity.

Our Feathered Friends

In the picture above you can see one of the insect hives we installed over winter to help our gardens pollinate.
We also paid attention to the needs of the birds of the Lake District, too, and we’ve set up a number of nesting boxes around the park.

nesting boxes at Hawthorns Park

There are thirty new boxes in total, and we hope that our guests will let us know when they see signs of occupation!

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