Hawthorns Park: March – April in Photos Hawthorns Park: March – April in Photos

Hawthorns Park: March – April in Photos

The grounds of Hawthorns Caravan Park are so beautiful that we can’t resist just snapping shots of everything we see, and the photographs we take have quite a story to tell. As we left the last remnants of winter behind and spring got properly underway, here’s what the photos of March and April have to show us:

At first, it felt like winter might not end at all

daffodils hawthorns park in spring

With snow falling uncharacteristically late in the year, even when the daffodils started to bloom, the grey cloudy skies seemed to tell a story of a winter that just wanted to keep hanging on.

Things looked like they might get worse before they got better

winter duck pond hawthorns

It’s good to see that the mallards have been busy, and those storm clouds in the sky have a very pretty look to them, but it’s certainly not the weather we were hoping to see just shortly after the park re-opened in early march.

But nature took its course

frogspawn hawthorns park

Even though we may have thought the weather was bad, the frogs certainly saw that it was time for spawning, and it was good to see even more life coming to the ponds of Hawthorns Park.

The sun shone through

duck pond hawthorns caravan park

Lancaster’s smallest duck pond, caught in the brilliant new sun shine and with a wonderful framing of daffodils. This is much more like the spring we were hoping to see, and we hope to see some cute new ducklings on the grounds too.

And spring was truly sprung

spring daffodils hawthorns lancashire


Easter weekend at the park was absolutely wonderful, with great weather, not too warm and not too cold. The daffodils still swayed handsomely, the sun lit up the sky and the park felt full of life and the promise of a good year to come.

If you’ve been taking your own photos of the park, or anywhere you’ve visited, we’d love to see them! Share them with us on our Facebook page, Twitter or by emailing them to info@hawthornscaravanpark.co.uk and we’ll share them on our social media as well as right here on our blog.

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