January in Pictures January in Pictures

January in Pictures

Have You Seen…?

We asked our visitors, this month, about two wonderful sights they may not have seen.

While we’re still looking for a good shot of our resident peregrine falcon – and if you see one, please pass it along! – this plaque in nearby Milnthorpe is much easier to get into clear focus with your camera.

Milnthorpe Market square

Very Different In Snow

However, the big news for the park in January, visually at least, was the snowfall, which for some time left us in the most wonderful wintry world.

It began with a soft frost

a light frosting

But after that light frosting one morning, the snow began to fall in earnest. (We have some lovely video of this on our Facebook page).

the park in the snow
rooftops covered in snow
horses head bust bollard with snow
hawthorns pond frozen over
bird lost in the snow

Of course, the sights to be seen here are always worth your while – but it’s good to see the park in different lights every once in a while!

hawthorns park sign covered in snow

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