Butterflies in November – What’s On in December? Butterflies in November – What’s On in December?

Butterflies in November – What’s On in December?

What an astonishing, long summer we had this year – and autumn stretched on well into November as you can easily see from this selection of photographs from the start of the month.

Butterflies at hawthorns caravan park
Hawthorns caravan park berries Hawthorns caravan park Hawthorns caravan park


Seeing butterflies around the Park in early November put smiles on everyone’s faces!

We’ve greatly enjoyed the atmosphere this extended good weather has created, and we know our guests have too. As Christmas looms on the horizon, though, we bid farewell to the butterflies and take our customary look at what’s on in the month to come…

At the Kendal Leisure Centre, you’ll have a chance to enjoy the Rat Pack at Christmas, a show the BBC calls magnificent, with all your favourite rat pack classics in a totally live show.

In the United Reformed Church in Cockermouth, an Antique and Collectors Fair will be taking place – what a perfect opportunity to treat yourself or to find the perfect Christmas gift!

Every Tuesday, at 10:45 at the Cartmel Racecourse Entrance, Walking for Health begins anew. This has become a very popular scheme encouraging gentle exercise in the fresh air and giving walker a chance to socialise with others, so if you’d like to see some beautiful scenery and enjoy a brisk walk in the cool, crisp December air in the company of friendly faces, we heartily recommend trying out Walking for Health.

Cabaret Night at the Pheasant Inn in Allithwaite near Grange-over-Sands is great! With a three course meal and the Brothers of Swing performing, this one is a joy, but be sure to book by the 2nd as they require a pre-order a week in advance. Tickets cost £29.95 and the night itself begins at 8:00pm.

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